Shovels & Spoons

Shovels and Spoons is excited to launch its farm-to-table cooking series at Camp Seneca Lake in Honesdale, Pennsylvania this summer. This innovative program is a six-week culinary curriculum featuring a small camp garden and a wider variety of food in camp. It aims to inspire campers to become more engaged in the kitchen through fun and creative activities and to expose them to new and exciting foods. Campers will have the chance to experience the growing process all the way from seed to skillet, and eventually to their plates!

The recipes for the pilot program are primarily plant-based with optional dairy during some classes. Because the program will involve over 150 campers, the recipes have been developed to meet a variety of nutritional needs. Some of these considerations are celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, diabetes, lactose intolerance, vegan/vegetarianism and food allergies. Superb flavor and wonderful taste are never compromised. These recipes are accessible and, more importantly, enjoyed by children of all ages!

As children learn to cook scrumptious, nourishing meals from scratch, they will develop a strong sense of accomplishment and acquire a valuable skill that will last a lifetime. And it’s actually lots of fun too!